Meet Jaime

Greetings, lovely people! I'm Jaime, the proud owner of Parlez Vous Crochet, where creativity knows no bounds! Hailing from the vibrant state of New Jersey and now soaking up the sunny vibes of Southern California, I'm a crochet designer and artist extraordinaire. My passion lies in crafting authentic pieces that are as fun as they are professional.

When it comes to style, I'm all about embracing the latest trends with a burst of color and a touch of bohemian flair. Inspired by the glorious warmth of our climate, my creations are a perfect blend of fashion and functionality. From trendy clothing to eye-catching accessories, I've got you covered!

But wait, there's more! You can find my fabulous creations on social media, where I bring the joy of crochet right to your fingertips. Get ready to embark on a shopping adventure like no other, as you explore my vibrant collection and discover the perfect pieces to express your unique style.

So, join me on this crochet-filled journey, where professionalism meets fun and creativity knows no limits. Let's make your fashion dreams a reality with Parlez Vous Crochet!

 I have over four decades of experience in this wonderful craft. My journey began long ago, but it was the passing of my beloved Aunt Alberta, fondly known as "Aunt Al," in 2012 that ignited my deep commitment to crochet. Since then, I've transformed this cherished hobby into a full-time business, fueled by passion and love.

One of the things I adore about my work is the opportunity to connect with fellow crochet lovers through social media sales and pop-up shops in various locations. It brings me immense joy to share my creations with you in person and online. I'm incredibly grateful to have been featured in esteemed online publications such as Voyage LA, Burbank Cultural Arts and Commission, and to have had the privilege of being interviewed by Furls Fiber Arts, the world's premier provider of luxury crochet hooks and fiber tools.

But my journey doesn't stop there! I'm also dedicated to supporting and inspiring other crochet artists. I've created patterns and DIY kits to help them expand their selling inventory and unleash their creativity.

So, I invite you to join me on this crochet adventure! Explore my social media pages to stay updated on the latest creations and exciting updates. Let's connect, share our love for crochet, and create something beautiful together.